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Announcements in Forum : Guild Lobby
05-01-2007 until 03-06-2017
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05/01/2007 - Forum Rules

Forum Rules

No pornographic, overly disgusting, or otherwise inappropriate images are allowed in any form.

Pornographic, we hope, needs no explanation. Inappropriate and disgusting imagery is left up to the discretion of the forum moderators, but may include images of violence (blood and gore) or other images of an obscene nature.

Images placed inline in posts should not exceed 600x600 pixels in dimensions. Consider uploading as an attachment instead or uploading screenshots to the player-submitted screenshots gallery instead.

Internet and message board etiquette implies that users are aware and respect that other users may not have large monitors or high resolution video capabilities. Posting images that inhibit another user's ability to navigate (due to excessive side-scrolling or the image filling a majority of the screen) are as socially unacceptable as occupying multiple seats on a crowded bus to conveniently store your backpack.

We don't allow avatars except for VIP status.

Signatures must not be unnecessarily large.

Guidelines: Limit the use of images in signatures to one, and make it no taller than 100 pixels, and no wider than 500 pixels. Try to use less than 6 lines of text and avoid multiple quotes.

This is left up to moderator discretion, but a good rule of thumb here is if the average height of the content of your posts is smaller than the height of your signature, it is too big. The content of your posts should dominate the screen space as that is the purpose of the message boards (not the display of personal or business advertisements).

RMT Site Linking
No links to secondary-market sellers.

Silky Venom's foundation is unmistakeable. We've built a reputation that we will have nothing to do with RMT. It's fine to discuss IGE and whatnot, but please do not do them the favor of advertising a link to them.

No descriptions of, or links to ways of exploiting.

Post Contents
An average adherence to the Posting Guidelines. Single warnings will be issued for abusers. Reconciliation, request for further explanation, or erroneous warnings must be discussed in private with the moderator giving the warning and must not continue on the boards.

We recognize that, on occassion, there are misinterpretations of a person's intent when they post with witty humor at someone's expense, or that a person responded inappropriately in anger, but will later responsibly reconcile. We also recognize that to cut off all avenues of such humor and anger posting would be too restrictive to foster growth of a community such as this. Thus we're asking for at least average adherence to the 'Respect others' philosophy.

This is, of course, left up to moderator discretion and is the most difficult decision to make as a moderator. We do not claim to make completely unbiased moderation decisions--to make such a claim would undoubtedly be lying. However, the likelihood of being biased against is very low if you are consistently respectful of others and very high if you are consistently disrespectful of others. This is true of any community message boards. Also common to all community message boards is advice to new members--sway on the side of being respectful. Not only will you gain a positive reputation among other community members, but you will be biased accordingly by the moderators.

Disrespecting Other Members
Do not insult other board members in reference to their posts. Specifically, do not call other board members "trolls," even if they demonstrate evidence of such. That is a call that should be left up to moderators. You should, however, report the person so that the moderators are aware of the issue.

This should not have to be said. A post stating that the above poster is a troll is, itself, a form of trolling and is as much a violation of the Post Content rule as simply being disrespectful.

As moderators, we have a tolerance for diversity in opinions that may or may not match your tolerance. We attempt to error on the side of freedom, but we do what we can to allow you to make your own choice. You may add the user to your ignore list, for example.

One thing we will not tolerate, however, is blatant and apparent disrespect directly toward other board members.

Posting Guidelines

We're a community here and like every community there are acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. Some behaviors are unacceptable because they abuse the freedoms given to all, and by doing so threaten the integrity of the community as a whole.

Since this community is faceless, there are no sticks and stones. Words can and do hurt. While the owners of this message board understand your unalienable rights as individuals to speak your mind, all freedoms come with limits. The limits on the freedom of speech here are meant to protect those who do not abuse those limits. It does so by allowing everyone a means to speak their mind without fear of harmful retaliation.

What is the limit? It can be hazy at times, but there is a very simple guide to follow:


Respect authority meant to protect this guide, respect people's beliefs, respect their right to be here as much as you, and for everyone's sake, respect their right to keep their personal conflicts to themselves.

It means leave real-life conflicts off the message boards. Don't even make passing references to them--they don't belong here.

It means don't attack someone's intelligence, abilities, or idiosyncrasies.

It means obey the moderators and admins without question on the boards (but feel free to discuss any matters privately in email if you feel something is wrong).

It means conduct yourself civilly.

It means respecting people's right to respect even if you don't like them, and even if they aren't a part of this community.

It also means continuing to obey an individual's right to respect even after they have been repremanded or banned.

It means thinking twice or three times before posting because words on a message board are not as flighty as they are in the air.

Corrective Actions

1. Posting porn and offensively grotesque images.

The user will be banned permanently and without warning.

2. RMT site links.

If it is clearly an advertisement, expect to be banned permanently and without warning. Otherwise, expect to have your post edited by a moderator to remove the links.

3. Exploits.

Expect to be banned permanently and without warning.

4. A thread of offensive insults with no content value. (A thread in gross violation of the Posting Guidelines, otherwise known as a "flame".) If the original post is a complete waste of space and a majority of the posts in the thread are also, this is Volcano material.

The thread will be moved to the Volcano (including any non-insulting and/or valuable replies). Consider doing us a favor and posting your flame-ridden rants there to begin with. ;)

5. An individual who consistantly creates #4s.

If the behavior continues after being warned, the user will be permanently or temporarily banned to the Volcano (per moderator discretion), which means the user will only ever be able to create posts there and nowhere else.

6. A heated discussion with a few instulting remarks.

We're fine with this, but the users posting the insults will get warnings as per #5 above.

7. Insulting other board members directly (e.g. calling out "trolls").

We're not fine with this. The users posting the insults will get warnings as per #5 above.

8. The Silky Venom staff and moderators reserve the right to apply additional corrective actions not explicitly specified above in order to maintain the integrity of the site.
03-26-2007 until 04-26-2027
Posts: n/a
Guide to Silky Venom's Username Colors

red - Silky Venom site staff. These individuals "run" the entire Silky Venom site and also act as its moderators.

green - Sigil Games Online employees. (A.k.a. "the devs")

purple - Sony Online Entertainment employees. (A.k.a. "the publisher")

yellow - Silky Venom in-game guild members and leaders.

orange - Regular forum members who have contributed to Silky Venom site in a significant way.

blue - Regular forum members who won one of Silky Venom's "Vanguard Sage" contests during 2006.

gold - U R n00b. *cough* Regular forum members.

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