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  1. Any Good Tutorial for Diplomacy?
  2. Advanced question
  3. Dark Elf Diplomacy Line..
  4. Can cards be replaced?
  5. A few diplomacy questions...
  6. Does the broker in Leth Nurae work?
  7. Prestige Factions
  8. latest patch changed a bit in diplo.
  9. Bigger hand of cards
  10. Diplomacy Dead End in 1 Hour
  11. How to grasp a thistle
  12. Can't beat Hubert Ringsworth / Time for Tursh ?
  13. Civil diplomacy
  14. Unable to Progress
  15. Issue with "A Sickness in our Midst" Leth Nurae Dip Quest
  16. Small Tip for Martok Noob Line
  17. New Starting City with Diplomacy
  18. Highly Variable Diplomacy Difficulty?
  19. Gnome Diplomacy - Crackdown
  20. Stored Strategies
  21. Did they take out statement vendors?
  22. Bugged!
  23. Selling Cividc Diplomacy rewards
  24. Bugged during rollback
  25. How to get more cards?
  26. Qa Gnomes / Human Diplomacy
  27. Stuck on Diplomacy
  28. vulmane/spiritragers impossible for my character
  29. Need some help over here :)
  30. City Buffs: Which does what?
  31. Stuck in Diplomacy - Where/what to do?
  32. Helpful pointers for the New Diplomat
  33. Diplomacy to gain faction/avoid KOS?
  34. Diplomacy patch
  35. Infuriate Keyvan Quest (Kahl/Mordebi)
  36. Civil Diplomacy Buffs
  37. Blackmail Informant in Hathor Zhi
  38. Varanjar newb line -- Thigg Arusto
  39. Qaliathari questline
  40. Swiftfang bahdor?
  41. CB Diplomacy
  42. LN Dip quests after newb/horse quest?
  43. patch notes say spiritragers fixed BUT....
  44. new vulmane dip quest fast route?
  45. NPC's cheat...bug or "feature"?
  46. Needing some help/advice
  47. Tanvu lack of noble diplomacy NPC's
  48. Stuck at Level 35 - Tursh Human
  49. Information brokers
  50. Any way to reset Diplomacy quests in Hathor Zhi?
  51. LN Queen's Roses used for anything?
  52. Adverse effects for losing/ending parley?
  53. Diplomacy Card List
  54. Diplomacy in Khal
  55. So Been Working On Diplomacy and...
  56. Can't Talk To Kolak
  57. diplo in khal: civic tutorial npc and gentzik the gnome
  58. Grinding Presence in Qalia
  59. Diplomacy Rewards
  60. Diplomacy bug in Hathor Zih
  61. What's the number next to the choices in Civic Diplomacy?
  62. Stuck at 50 in khal
  63. 2 Questions (Tanvu)
  64. Understanding Information and Informants
  65. You can not evade me, Inventor Rey!
  66. Thalk in Qa Riverbank
  67. TIP: Full Inventory Ruins Quest
  68. Lost my beginning red cards
  69. Niro Gavea (Gnome Diplomacy)
  70. Return the Flute - X.T.
  71. Some "State of Diplomacy" Stuff
  72. KOS Faction and diplomacy suggestion
  73. Need help on CB Civic Tutorial
  74. I must be doing something wrong...
  75. Please help me... need to know if i am doing something wrong or bugged.
  76. Lesser Giant - Traps of the Trade
  77. Inventory space
  78. PvP Diplomacy
  79. Khal Diplo quest is bugged for some?
  80. Diplomacy "Buffed" or bugged?
  81. Diplomacy Horse?
  82. CB Diplomacy Starter Quests Bugged or Too much?
  83. Halfling Diplomats : mushroom reward
  84. Blood and Seals Quest
  85. Civic Diplomacy Faction Hits
  86. diplomacy skill raises too slow
  87. fan made diplomacy text
  88. Dark elfe horse quest broken ?
  89. diplomacy centers, the BBs
  90. Civic diplomacy strategy?
  91. Unworthy Unwise quest in Tanvu
  92. Civic Diplomat Tutorial: introduction(Dark elf)
  93. Kurashasa Diplomacy Quest -'Learn Rebutt'
  94. Tanvu Bugged Quests
  95. Clear Evidence Bugged(Khal Quest)
  96. Issue with novice diplomacy title (Wood elf)
  97. Diplomacy in another town
  98. I'm kinda new to diplomacy... some info?
  99. Card vendors
  100. Guards outside Khal
  101. Diplomat seeks stun-gun
  102. Spread the word quest - dissapeared?!?!
  103. Starting Civic Diplomacy
  104. Diplomacy quest - Ancestral recall - Tanvu
  105. Can't find soldiers or crafters to gossip with in Kojan
  106. Diplomacy needs some changes !!!
  107. Reestablish Communications
  108. Questions about Diplomacy/Prestige
  109. Warden of the Sun - CB
  110. Lost and Found Quest just outside CB
  111. So what am i doing wrong?
  112. Quests were?
  113. cannot accept halagrad/VE horse quest
  114. Elocution from Nalzen
  115. Starting Civic Diplo
  116. Is there a Diplomacy starter guide anywhere?
  117. High Elf Diplomacy Problem
  118. Courier's quarter horse pointless?
  119. Cant Continue in diplomacy? 42skill level.
  120. Civic Diplomacy Quests.. Where?
  121. Quest locations
  122. Civic Diplo rewards
  123. stats
  124. Trends Informant in 3 Rivers?
  125. Tough Decisions
  126. What to do with the Bauble's
  127. Blackmail informant problem
  128. I need a LOT of presence
  129. Nighthunter Yikort - impossible?
  130. what is the skill diplomacy
  131. Diplomacy + Race + Class Question
  132. Diplomacy center
  133. Plot informants for DE
  134. Stuck on a quest.
  135. Question...
  136. At a loss..
  137. Locating a domestic presence NPC in or near CB
  138. Will there ever be civic diplomacy in Rindol?
  139. Completely confused about how I can skill up.
  140. "Raise Morale" quest in Lomshir
  141. aspect of the fallen star
  142. Where is the Focus Point in Bordinar's Cleft?
  143. Implicating Karim
  144. Can't increase diplomacy?
  145. presense ????
  146. Just got the horse...
  147. need a little help with the Varanthari Diplomacy line
  148. Can't re-get starting quest
  149. Sufficient Blackamail/Plots/etc not accepted?
  150. Who are you building presence with?
  151. A Sickness in our midst
  152. The Presence requirements are absolutely ridiculous
  153. Problems turning in information at VE
  154. Diplomacy Concerns, Ideas, and Brainstorming
  155. More Civic Diplomacy
  156. Slightly Bugged Tutorial
  157. Diplomacy Quest list?
  158. Raise Academic presence in Hathor Zi?
  159. inventory full = lost cards
  160. Did the horse quest at level 5, am I doomed?
  161. How do I skill up and gain presence?
  162. Information rewards
  163. Civic Diplomacy: Introduction (half elf)
  164. Ctrl-Alt-Del and Diplomacy
  165. Seeking Information Brokers
  166. Tawar Galen diplo quest
  167. Easy skill-up early on in Khal
  168. VGTact Down For Upgrade
  169. KOS races and diplomacy
  170. List of informants(hearsay/trend etc), where can I find a list of locations?
  171. Confused about Presence
  172. outsider clothes
  173. Leth Nurae - Royal Orders
  174. Diplomacy alter
  175. Faction Utility?
  176. Altar to Kaerellun
  177. Quest: Time for Truth
  178. Quests and the presence to start them.
  179. Tursh Newbie Dip Line - Stuck on Maldir (Spoilers)
  180. Rewards via diplo
  181. Skill leveling threshold?
  182. Can't beat this guy.
  183. Civic diplomacy cards from buffs go away?
  184. A case of the Jitters
  185. 50+ Diplomacy
  186. A new diplomat's tale (warning: longer than your arm)
  187. diplomacy tutorial cards
  188. Kurashasa diplomat stuck at skill 39...
  189. Quest: Words of Power
  190. Farming one NPC...
  191. Smuggler’s Delight
  192. Faction hits on the diplomatic pouch quest.
  193. Dark Elf Horse Quest: Settling the Bets
  194. Diplomacy dialogue matter?
  195. Diplomacy for dummies?
  196. Help needed: new cards?
  197. Tutorial Quest "Further Training" still bugged?
  198. So civic diplomacy now.. Any quests?
  199. Arcana, Plots, Blackmail and Trends (Please Sticky)
  200. Stuck on CB quest "Will of the People"
  201. Some question about Civil Diplomacy
  202. "What Happened To Mog?" Missing Item...
  203. Quest: The World is Our Oyster (where is Gelion?)
  204. City Diplomatic Prestige?
  205. The End of my Diplomatic career
  206. High Diplomacy but No Social Skills?
  207. Diplomacy Trainer for Civic Diplomacy
  208. Diplomacy Continent Tutorial question...........
  209. Diplomacy -whats the point?
  210. Diplomacy - noob
  211. A fox having troubles looking for a trainer in an orc city
  212. Stuck on Veskal's Present (Halfling horse quest)
  213. Do you get any adventuring items with diplomacy ?
  214. Diplomat Classes
  215. Calculating Diplomacy Progression
  216. DIP. Cloak?? How do you get it??
  217. Building Presence
  218. Where to start?
  219. Diplomacy finally something REALLY worthwhile? (spreading the word)
  220. Severe Diplo Bug With New Patch
  221. not sure if this is a bug--or user error --
  222. Diplo Bag
  223. Saving Diplomacy Strategies
  224. Important Quest NPC missing in Leth Nurae
  225. Diplomacy Sub-quest bug prohibits advancement
  226. Fix this movement bug.
  227. My take on Dip so far...
  228. Question for experienced diplomats out there (200+)
  229. Contact Kirael task
  230. Giving Diplomats a BUFF (Faction)
  231. Outrider/Merchant grind NPC - where are they?
  232. Starting Diplo in a Different City
  233. Settle The Debts
  234. Undermine The Port Authority -- Stuck
  235. 200 Levels of Diplomacy and all I got was this lousy t-shirt...
  236. Halfling Civic Trainer
  237. My Varanjar can't do civil diplomacy in Dahknarg
  238. 3 bugged Quests I found in Thestra
  239. Kurashasa
  240. The Purpose of Diplomacy?
  241. Location for statements vendor in Khal
  242. Diplomacy Suggestions
  243. Hathor Zhi Starting Diplomacy Questions
  244. Are Diplomacy Classes Still in the Works?
  245. Skill up in presence
  246. Diplomacy Dualing suggestion
  247. Quest: A sickness in our midst
  248. Kurasha newb diplomat stuck lost quest line
  249. Domestic Presence
  250. pankor zhi reputation