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02-17-2007, 08:38 PM
Hi all,

I might be being a bit thick here (Nothing new!!)

I've got a level 10 High Elf Ranger, who's worked through the newbie diplomacy quests in Leth Nurae, and was told by the Queen to go + see Onios (I think it is, could be wrong there) to get myself an external posting (In Her Majesty's Secret Service quest). I spoke to the man, won the parley, and he mentioned a horse, and told me to go + find the Princess in the main palace foyer (Royal Orders quest) So far, so good!

Having spoken to the Princess (who was showing with the green shield symbol), the quest flagged as complete, and disappeared from my log. No further quest, no horse, no nothing. Re-clicking the Princess just brings up the civic diplomacy option (which I'm waaaaay too low to do!!) I've tried returning to Onios (Again, I think that's the guy's name - I've logged out as I was getting really frustrated. Apologies if I've got it wrong ;) )

Having done some more looking around, it seems that I'm only level 39 in diplomacy, which I'm guessing stopped the quest from advancing.

My questions, then, are as follows :

How do I get the extra 1 skill point to raise me to 40?
After I've done that, how can I get the Princess to give me a horse and send me on my way to the next part of the diplomacy sphere, seeing as the quest is no longer available in my log?
Am I being a total muppet + missing something that's glaring me right in the face?!!!!

Thanks for any advice / pointers you can give, guys + girls :)

02-21-2007, 03:56 AM
Thanks to Saje who provided the solution!

Not sure if you got it sorted but here is what I did.

Took the quest "Help the Soldiers" from Arianna

Spoke to Lion Auinor and took the quest "Tough Decisions"

Spoke to two of the soldiers and got to 40 diplomacy skill.

Lion Auinor gave me Further Training and Moving on From here Quests. (directing me back to Tanalion Atilmo at the palace)

When I got there the Princess had the shield above her head (yellow star) and Tanalion had the shield above his head (green star).

Hope it helps

So the quest from Arianna which is implied is optional (hence I dropped it, given the fairly large distance to travel :o ) is actually required :rolleyes:

Thanks again Saje!! :)