View Full Version : Tutorial Quest "Further Training" still bugged?

02-23-2007, 03:29 PM
Somewhere up the road from Themnwar's Shield Dam, there is a female dwarf that initiated the quest "Further Training". The quest was to go back to the Tursh Academy and speak with the diplomacy trainer for some further training. After running back there, I turned that quest in which made a new quest open up on the diplomacy trainer (sorry, I forget his name off the top of my head). I believe the follow up quest was also called "Further Training" although I am not 100% positive.

Anyway, while exp'ing and grouping with some people later that day I was running out of quest slots (which is another topic for another day : ) I deleted that tutorial quest from my list thinking I could go back and get it again later. However, that was not the case.

Upon returning to the Tursh Academy that quest is no longer being offered from the trainer. If anyone gets that quest, do not delete it as you may be unable to reaquire the quest.

Aurspex, if you see this, is this a known issue or am I just outta luck? The reward was a diplo card which I really would have liked to get.