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12-27-2005, 12:11 PM
I have a question(s) I hope you can answer -
in the book of Oloh, you talk a lot about seeing the mobs attack queue and then responding or reacting to what is about to happen, depending on perception, chains, etc., and that you get indicators on screen that feed you the information - which leads me to my question(s)-

I heard somewhere before that you would also be able to see what your groupmates are doing, to facilitate sympathetics and to assist in your own decisions about what to do - if that is true, do you receive a visual or text indication?

Also, I wanted to know - say you're fighting Mr. Frog, and you're and you just finished your bridge attack. Say your weapon speed and the frogs' attack speed aren't quite synced, and you hit your finisher, then see the frog has queued devour. Given that you have time to react, can you change your queued finisher to deal with the devour, and if so, is there any kind of penalty for doing so?