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1884The 50th issue of The Escapist has debuted and this week they revisit the subject of women in games in Girl Power 2. There are quite a few articles of interest including Asexuality Actually (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/issue/50/16), by John Walker, which discusses some research suggesting a relatively unexplored barrier to women's entry to the gaming space: a need for permission.

Other articles include:
The Truth about Little Girls (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/issue/50/3) by Bonnie Ruberg. In the course of her gaming career, Bonnie Ruberg has been a boy, a man, a zombie, a pokemon and a ninja, but she has "never been a little girl ..." In The Truth About Little Girls, one of America's preeminent feminist gamers attempts to get a handle on gaming's lack of innocent femininity, and why it may not be a bad thing.

Women at the Pinnacle (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/issue/50/8) by Justin McElroy. In an industry largely dominated by men, one company managed to establish itself as the number 1 employer of female game designers before anyone had even recognized the need. Justin McElroy's Women at the Pinnacle takes a look at Sierra's unique chemistry during the early days of video gaming.

Meet Denise Fulton (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/issue/50/11) by N. Evan Van Zelfden. Meet Denise Fulton, Studio Head of Miday-Austin. She's a career game industry executive and, obviously, she's a woman. What makes this white collar girl gamer tick, and why, in her opinion, is gender irrelevant? Evan VanZelfden finds out.

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i dont consider myself sexist by any stretch of the imagination.
but it does make you stop and wonder, if woman feel so inferior that they have to start making articles like this one, what is in store for us in the future ?

some women have this overwelming drive to prove to all humanity that they are equal to men, in all ways they will make it a point to bring it up anyway and anytime they can. If the women have it their way, it will be the men who are the ones having to prove that they are equal to women. I am all for equality, at least as the dictionary defnies equal, but enough is enough.

i dont see men saying that games like "my lil pony" should be made more masculin. and i wonder why a woman would have an issue with an all male production team, but everyne is supposed to accept and all female production team. why do we have to further divide ourselves apart when we already have enough division,hate,discrimination,without breaking it down to a female versus male campaign

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That was an interesting article. :)

I have previously wondered if men and women simply, for biological reasons, are drawn towards different carrots. To some small degree this is likely true, in a very stereotypical sense. Y'know I gained a far greater appreciation for shopping as a 'hobby' type activity when I realised that it's just character development IRL. ;)

John Walker's article makes a lot more logical sense than previous articles i've read that, as he described, complain that the market just isn't woman-ready.

Thanks Laby!