View Full Version : Helpful pointers for the New Diplomat

01-29-2007, 01:14 PM
A few things to remember when in parly

1) First and formost, The game is not about playing the largest cards, or getting 10 points (on the slider) its about keeping the slider on your sid of the table for X# of rounds. The rounds vary depending on the dificulty. But it represents the NPC coming around to yourside of thinking. A typical fight will require you to keep the slider on your side for 15 turns, if you do you win. If the NPC keeps it on his side for 15 turns then you loose. You can not win every Fight the first time you do it. Unless you havea guide.

A) You start off with cards of every color, and try not to get yourself focused on just one color. Your power house cards will of course be mostly in one color but try to have a strong base of at least 2 different colors if not all of them.

B) I am currently an Inspire based Diplomat (blue) and I find my easiest battles are the ones where I can not use my Blue cards. The trick is to have a few no cost cards then line your deck with cards of the 3 ofther colors that have 2 or less cost. You will soon find that the other guy will just give you all the points to fight them with.

C) Remember just because a color blocked does not mean you cant use the cards from that color. So if blue is blocked off you can still use blue cards, just not the ones that have a cost in blue, or the heavy hitter ones)

D) There is no perfect stratigy, you will have to change it almost every fight. So unless you loose by 1 turn, you might want to try a different set up

E) You will not be able to beat every encounter the first time you play it. Try it a few times and watch which colors the guy gives you, and which ones he uses. Then build a set up that uses the colors he gives while starves him on his power house moves.

F) Alot of people get focued in on one color, even when fighting a person who uses the same color. Nothing is harder than fighting an Inspire person when you yourself are inspire. Your blue cards normal give the other guy blue dots, doing this allows the NPC to play their big hitters too. Try to starve the NPC's of the color they want to use.

G) Always have at least 2 no cost, fast recast cards. Even if they just give you 1 point you will be able to play them when the rest are on recast timers.

H) If a card gives you 5 points, but is on a 4+ recast timer, and costs 4 or more dots to use, do not plan your stratigy around it. Yes it is a big push, but you could do alot more with smaller faster recast cards.

I) A typical set up for a low level dip. is 2 point builder cards, 2 fast no cost cards (of any color) and 1 big hitter, this is fine for the most part but you will be spending 2 turns building up points for that big hitter. This is normally a -1 point for 2 dots and a 0 point for 2 dots. that means you spend most of 3 rounds to get 4 points (5-1) when you could have played a lower cost cards that gave 1-3 points and gotten more points.

J) Don't always play cards. If your winning, just listen some times, its not about how far th slider is on your side, its about having it on your side. If you play cards most likly your giving the NPC dots to steal the slider back.

K) Contrast to I, dont always make a strat. based on low point cards, these cards do normally give the NPC dots in many different colors to play heavy hitters. If your playing against a heavy hitter NPC try to starve him of his color and play what ever cards you can that dont give that color. I myself fought an NPC that never once played a card because all his cards were 3+ cost. (I played him again later with another toon to see and if you did fight him with cards that gave points he would own with 4 point and 5 point cards.)

L) Dip. is very well done, has a few bugs, but I have yet to find an unwinnable fight. And by the time I do, I am sure it will be because I dont have the cards to fight it. Just like adventuring you dont go run into a level 30 dungeon at level 20, your going to get owned.

Hope this helps some people,