View Full Version : Diplomacy to gain faction/avoid KOS?

01-29-2007, 01:46 PM
Maybe this is in...I dunno. If not...

Currently, if I understand the game mechanics properly, the way to avoid being KOS in a city is by piling up corpses at their gates. However, wouldn't it be logical and/or fun to allow the *option* of being able to raise faction purely by diplomacy? I mean, that's sort of the whole concept of diplomacy. This could be done via any number of means, but, to mirror the risk factor of raising faction through combat, there should be negative consequences to failure -- huge faction loss (meaning a lot more diplomacy or comabt needed to restore), monetary costs (you can bribe a guard to let him talk to you, then parley for increased reputation, but whether you win or lose, you don't get money back). or just having guards spawn and kill you if you lose.

And, of course, they can be combined.

Imagine this:

You want to enter city 'x', and you need to kill mob 'y' to raise faction with them. One of the mobs drops an item which begins a diplomacy quest chain. Following this chain raises your city reputation (and might involve some more killing, of course...)

It might also be possible to enter a city on 'courier duty'. You are given a fixed amount of time to find and talk to a key NPC. No one else will talk to you and no one will attack you unless you attack them. Each courier mission includes a parley which will raise your faction slightly.