View Full Version : Lesser Giant - Traps of the Trade

02-01-2007, 02:42 PM
So I have been having a blast playing my lesser giant dread knight, but recently hit a road block in the early diplomacy quest chain and curious if anyone knows how to circumvent it.

Basically I am on a quest called Traps of the Trade, I must interview a npc who is in a cage.

Now on Saturday on the first time attempting this quest, I observed another conducting a parley with the npc - but he would not respond or let me interview him. Shortly after me standing around and continuously hailing him - he went *poof* and disappeared, only to never return.

No matter how many times I drop and get the quest again, he never comes back. I basically drop the quest and get it again every time I am in Halgarad.

So as of now I am stuck at level 9 diplomacy and have not found any way to get around this hurdle blocking my progression. I am curious if anyone has any recommendations for me.

I have submitted a couple petitions, but the response was to submit a bug - I was hoping they would at least be able to spawn the npc.

Again just curious if I should wait it out, or possibly even reroll my character as I had a blast doing diplomacy in beta and am really looking forward to advancing it as much as possible.