View Full Version : Diplomacy needs some changes !!!

02-05-2007, 11:24 AM
First off I love diplomacy.

That being said it needs some changes. As a Kurasashan I can max out my diplomacy in Lomshir. That needs to end. I've forced myself to move on after maxing out my prestige for the area only because I want to dip in different areas. The urge to stay there and max out is strong, hell I can max out in a newbie area. One should be required to travel and interact with many varied cultures and societies to become a 'diplomat'.

Prestige factions need to counteract each other. This might be the case as I only have two at the moment but I am hoping that a person cannot max out all 9 diplomatic centers.

One should not be able to skill up in diplomacy from someone below their skill.

One should not be able to receive faction from parleys from one a certain number of skill levels below them. (ie At skill 100 I shouldn't receive faction from someone at 50) And if you dont want to remove it then make it very miniscule, like less then a whole point.

I feel that as a whole the diplomatic sphere is great. Some changes need to be made to keep people moving on, allowing them to become real diplomats to the world.

Just one man's opinion.....