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08-04-2005, 11:15 AM
So im not quite sure why.. But im going through all the different posts and none of first original posts show.. So if its a topic like, "Hey lemme explain this" -I don't get to see the guys post.. so All i see is replies.. any idea why?



08-04-2005, 03:34 PM
It was a tech problem that has been fixed, Hiddin - let us know if you have any more problems like this. And, to borrow a phrase from WoW, thanks for your patience :D

08-05-2005, 02:23 PM
Good ol WoW.. 52Pally before the barrage of "Boredumness" hit me. While it was a fantastic world to explore and such.. Seeing how i was on pvp server where 13 year olds would rather get together in groups of 10-15 and kill anything that moved rather than explore.. well yeah... So seeing as how I really couldn't get that far adventuring the lands.. Soaking in the atmosphere (And the atmosphere could have been great, but since the 13 year old rampage was present 24/7.. the atmosphere consisted of
"YO! Zap dat biatch! OMG yo cap em cap dat shit. Hur hur! Roxxxorz on u. Ya dat rite, who da big man now son?"

Not that im against 13 year old leet spittin punks.. I mean hell, they've always been the default target practice for majority of us right? heh
But it does seem to take away from the atmosphere of the game when I'm venturing through and traveling alongside the shallow banks of a stream.. takin in the nature.. when suddenly a shite talkin little... *Censored* Comes outta no where and starts trash talkin..
+ Yo, bet u think u gotz skillz son?
- Dude we're on the same side.. wtf.. Go away..
+ U talkin shit bro? Yo son u best-

*Without moments hesitation I bring out my fun weapons and equipment, strike the little bastard down before he understands what happened*

- Best huh? Yea I know I am. *Grin* Damn little brat.

Anyways.. Enough memories..