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Originally Posted by rabb1t
As requested...

The only thing I see that makes me hesitate in the recommendations is the $1k case/PSU. I asked Evga about power use with the 7 series and was told that as long as there were 15 or higher amps on the v12 line I'd be fine. From the looks of that PSU you have 14 on one 'rail' I guess it is and 15 on the other. Not knowing exactly how power use works, that seems like it would be pushing min specs for current GPU power needs. Thus, I'd be a little worried about the new DX10 enabled cards we should be seeing by the end of the year.
It is rather close, and I usually like to go overkill on power supplies when I can. Fitting everything into $1000 is tough, though...and dropping just a few dollars in the video card department means a rather large loss in performance (not sure where else I could pull money from to get a higher-priced PSU. I'll look at it carefully, but everything is very balanced right now and I'd hate to skimp on something. From everything I've read, that PSU should work fine.

Originally Posted by Traldan
One thing, the Antec PSU you recommend in the 2000 dollar system may be ok, but dual 12v rails could be an issue (not enough ampage on the rails, the X1900XT requires a ton). The OCZ Powerstream ( and the Sparkle FSP550 ( are both very nice PSUs...I'm using the second one now with my X1900XT and assorted other power-hungry components, and it's fine. Many people are reporting the OCZ Powerstream being similarly excellent at handling this monster of a card.
I'll take a careful look at it, and see exactly what ATI is requiring/recommending. As far as I know, the Antec 550w should have plenty of juice for any current single card. Two of them in crossfire definitely could be an issue... hm. I've got some extra money under the cap in that system too, I believe. Right now Crossfire isn't really on the horizon, at least until somebody can build a decent mobo to support it, but still something to consider.

OCZ and Sparkle do make some good PSUs... I haven't always been happy with Sparkle in the past but I'll take a look in general at the power supplies in all three systems. They seem to be the sticking point.

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