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Well, if they don't generally upgrade for 2-3 years (which I would agree with), and they are going to need 2Gig in the next 1-2 years...

*breaks out his calculator*

I'm just teasing. Truly, I think even in a lower-end gaming machine, 2GB of RAM will definitely be useful within the lifespan... in other words before that person wants to upgrade again.

I agree that resolution and load times might not be quite as big a deal to someone who buys a $1000 machine...but honestly, I think a lot of people buy cheaper machines not because they don't care about performance, but because they don't have all that much money.

I'm certainly not someone who can spend $4k a year on computers (my wife's a gamer too), so I can completely relate with someone who wants the absolute best they can possibly get, the most future-proof, etc... without spending too much.

The RAM is going to have to stay, there are other reasons besides just the general ones...and I just think it's the best idea. I'll take a look at how else I can move things around. The situation might actually resolve itself before too long... if we get some more/better mid-range choices from Nvidia and ATI. Something a little cheaper than the 7800GT, but with similar performance, would be awsome. If nothing else, the 7800GT will probably be dropping in price in another month or so.

Just as a totally unrelated note, I'm surfing the boards right now on a high-def projection system. The screen is about 8 feet wide, and I'm typing on a really nice bluetooth keyboard. Anyway...not mine...but I wish it was.
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