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Originally Posted by mmorpeegee View Post
Been thinking of subscribing again for more duo action. I am thinking about a DK + Druid. What do you all make of that? Think I'll be able to do most of the group content up to 50? If not, how about DK + Disciple?

p.s. Something I did last time is to level both characters up using the trial isle, and then subscribe. It's nice to get your first 20 levels for free. Not sure if I will do that again though.
I think DK is awesome but you need a real healer and I'd recommend Disciple for FD.
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Old 12-14-2011, 11:21 PM   #22
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Thanks I went with a Cleric in the end. It seems really powerful. I have specced the cleric to be quite dps based and so far it's working really well.
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