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Old 10-05-2005, 01:35 PM   #1
Elrar (of Silky Venom)
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Default I <3 SilkyVenom

So this guy named Oloh, one day was just like, "I want to start a guild!"

Someone said, "for what game"

Oloh said, "Not sure, buts its gotta be strongsauce"

Dude says, "Whats with you and the sauce?"

Oloh, "Its a Sekret"

Dude, "So what will you call it?"

Then all of a sudden some ranger dude bursts into the scene, screaming something about "Silky Venom"

Dude, "Wow, that guys a maniac"

Oloh, "Yeah, total weaksauce for running"

Dude, "..."

Oloh, "Thats a cool name though "Silky Venom"'

Dude, "..."

Dude, "So how are you gonna find a game?"

Oloh, "Well, I guess I'll follow the ranger, he looked like he needed to go to the hospital...did you see that green sword he had lodged in his shoulder? Anyhow, thats the next best thing to an ambulance!"

So Oloh ran off, and got himself a new client, as well as a home in a new game, and thus...Silky Venom was born!

/cheesesauce off
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