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Note: The more complete, though outdated, pre-"open beta" FAQ may be found here.

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» 36. Sigil & SOE
+ 36.1.  Why SOE?
+ 36.2.  Why not someone else, like NCSoft?
 36.3.  Will SOE influence Vanguard’s gameplay?
Last updated: 2006-05-08 10:10:53 [ sharable link ]

SoE cannot touch the gameplay.

What we have done is become the publishers of our own game. We now have even more control and authority over Vanguard, how it is made, how it is designed, and how it is marketed than we ever had with Microsoft.

I realize there are lots of different feelings about SOE and their games. But whatever those feelings, the fact of the matter is that they know operations and distribution. They will make sure our beta runs the way it needs to, that our game is widely marketed, and that our game is available all over, in all channels.

That is SOE's role in this new partnership with them. Sigil remains Sigil, able to focus now moreso on what we do best -- design, implement, conduct betas, build community, and market.
Source: Brad McQuaid May 6, 2006

Vanguard will not leave the dream and visions of Sigil and its current developers. I give you my word. And this move insures that the above remains true by giving us total authority over the design of the game, community, customer service, etc.
Source: Brad McQuaid May 6, 2006

To put your mind at ease.. this is Sigil's game and it's staying that way. Brad and the Sigil team have done a phenomenal job.. they don't need any gameplay advice.
Source: John Smedley May 6, 2006

+ 36.4.  Are SOE and Sigil merging? Did you 'sell out'?
+ 36.5.  Can you give us more information on the situation? The press release didn't answer all my questions.
+ 36.6.  What is Sigil responsible for? What is SOE responsible for?
+ 36.7.  I've had bad experiences with SOE in the past.
+ 36.8.  Will SOE be handling Customer Support?
+ 36.9.  Will I be able to subscribe to Vanguard without a Station Pass?
+ 36.10.  Why leave Microsoft in the first place?
+ 36.11.  Is SOE going to buy Sigil, now or at any time in the future?
+ 36.12.  Will Vanguard be participating in the Station Exchange?
+ 36.13.  Why does Sigil need a co-publisher if they could afford to buy back the publishing rights from Microsoft?
+ 36.14.  What if I don't want to give money to SOE?
+ 36.15.  Is SOE funding Vanguard?
+ 36.16.  Will the Computer Games Magazine beta code still be good?
+ 36.17.  How will Vanguard make money on the Station Pass?

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